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FR-410 High Power Desoldering Station with Gun-Style Desoldering Tool

Product Info

Product Description

Product features:

  • 140 watt high power desoldering station
  • anti-clogging
  • a delay timer to prevent premature release of the vacuum system before solder has cleared the heater and is captured in the solder collection chamber
  • a large, easy to read display that includes a vacuum level indicator to let you know if there are restrictions building that will need to be cleaned out
  • 3-user programmable presets
  • process control password lockout to prevent any unauthorized changes to the system’s operation or setup
  • two variations – gun-type desoldering handpiece, or pencil-type desoldering handpiece
  • each handpiece has an easy access solder collection chamber that is simple to clean
  • easy to change heater cartridge with HAKKO Composite Ceramic technology
  • an independent nozzle, which provides a low cost of operation
  • and a basic maintenance kit with a variety of basic cleaning tools and replacement filters

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