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Lab Pro Acquires TE Bouton Company

And Expands to Southern California

Customer Service

Our Highest Priority

We appreciate your business, and will always offer friendly problem solving to meet your satisfaction.  We are dedicated to providing customer service beginning with the quoting process, and continuing through the use of the product.

Business Relationships


We are confident that you will choose T. E. Bouton Company, Inc. to work with in the future.  Tom Bouton continues to work with customers he has known since he first started his company in 1983.  He is eager to answer your questions, and patient to wait for your Purchase Order.  His authenticity and sense of humor takes us back to better days when business was done between people.


For Over 35 Years

T. E. Bouton Company, Inc. is eager to use all the tools we have to get you the lowest price on your order.  Our thorough price comparisons and knowledge of shipping points throughout the United States will always result in the best deals for our customers.


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